Award Programs

To recognize milestones (anniversaries, promotions) and team members who go above and beyond, offer trendy items like name brand fleeces and luxury sunglasses. This is a fun, fresh and simple way to show appreciation and thanks.


Particularly appealing to school districts and not-for-profit groups, company stores make it easy to browse and purchase everything from popcorn to advent calendars in support of a cause or group.

Virtual Programs

The key to a successful digital workplace lies in the effective implementation of a cultural strategy program that includes apparel and work from home products. A company store is the perfect solution to promote and embrace this evolution.

Gifting: As part of an overall marketing budget, surprise and delight employees throughout the year with thoughtful branded items. In addition to establishing pride, it’s also an effective form of advertising.

Onboarding: As part of the initial orientation period, invite new staff to shop for branded high-end water bottles, coffee mugs or polo shirts. Encouraging them to use and wear these items builds a sense of belonging and loyalty, which contributes directly to the overall company culture.

Redemption Sites: Offer a virtual location where employees and clients can redeem prizes for their participation in virtual events and meetings.