Empower Your Brand With Our Company Store Solutions

Company stores are online ordering platforms for branded merchandise. Our company stores are rich in features, cost effective and flexible. Your store will be fully branded with streamlined ordering and robust administrative controls. Empower your brand with our company store solutions.

365: A 365 company store offers branded merchandise all year round. These company stores are great for employees to obtain branded merchandise to promote your brand and messages.

Pop Up: A pop-up company store offers branded merchandise available for a limited time. These company stores are great for holiday gift selections, seasonal events and quarterly promotions.

Bring Your Brand Online

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Control the Brand

Offer New Products

Create Programs


Award Programs

Recognize milestones (anniversaries, promotions) and team members who go above and beyond, offer trendy items like name brand fleeces and luxury sunglasses. This is a fun, fresh and simple way to show appreciation and thanks.


Particularly appealing to school districts and not-for-profit groups, company stores make it easy to browse and purchase everything from popcorn to advent calendars in support of a cause or group.

Virtual Programs

The key to a successful digital workplace lies in the effective implementation of a cultural strategy program that includes apparel and work from home products. A company store is the perfect solution to promote and embrace this evolution.


Design and Content

Choose from cutting-edge design templates and color combinations, with limitless possibilities using CSS. Your company store will be branded with your logo and customize to your design requirements.


Product selections and merchandising are the key success for all company stores. Choose from our limitless list of product selections that are most appropriate for your budgetary and branding requirements.

Payment Options

Choose from a variety of payment options from credit cards, points, and purchase orders to custom payments like payroll deductions.

Shipping & Sales Tax

Real-time integration with FedEx and UPS means your shipping charges will always be accurate. Real-time tax integration on our company stores reflects the most current tax rules available.

Site Administration

Site administration offers multiple access levels , order status updates, email messaging, user management, order management and reports.

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365 Stores

Pop-Up Stores

How to Start

Who are the buyers?

Discuss with us about your customers and what they need to be able to do. Is this store for employees, managers or certain groups.

What are the products?

Discuss with us about product options, customization, inventory and programs you want to implement. What products would work best for your program?

What does it need to look like?

Review our demo sites and your own brand requirements. Decide if you want a basic template or a site more customized to your brand.

Payments and Reports?

Discuss if products would be paid by corporate or if credit cards would be required. Some companies want budgets, points or even payroll deductions. Review if your company needs reporting and how often.

Visualize the Unboxing Experience

A memorable unboxing experience starts with a company store branded in your logo, simplifying the ordering process, creating a secure payment portal and putting a smile on the receiver’s face when the package is delivered with your brand front and center!


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